Social Upliftment

Feeding Scheme

A definite necessity in our project. To many of our kids, the only meal they have for the day is at Jikeleza. We strive to provide them on a daily basis, however, this is not always possible. It is however our policy to feed each child whenever we have performances or gigs. In addition to this we provide sandwiches and fruit every Monday & Wednesday.

Teens Monthly Allowance

Jikeleza pays a monthly allowance to some of our teens directly into their own banking accounts for two reasons. The first reason being to teach them money management skills and secondly many of them are not by the means to purchase basic toiletries, which many take for granted.

Foster Care

As part of our reintegration program,  Jikeleza as far as possible tries to provide financial support to the families where children have been placed.

Job Creation

Uplifting the community is one of our priorities and we have engaged members of the community to fulfill certain functions that relates to the running of the project be it part time or full time.

Rehabilitating Street Kids

It is estimated that there are  12 million street kids in Africa and well over 250,000 in South Africa. Unfortunately, government departments often lack comprehensive and reliable data on street children.

Jikeleza partners with two Shelters in the Western Cape, namely Multi Service Centre and ACVV Bright Lights. Our involvement in their lives on a regular basis has impacted very positively and has already shown pleasing results in a short period.